World of Beer Fort Worth

world of beer fort worth

Up next in our pub reviews is World of Beer Fort Worth. This craft beer chain has really been riding the wave of success in the craft beer world. World of Beer has grown to many locations across america but more importantly now in Fort Worth! Located at 3252 W 7th Street 76107, World of beer Fort Worth is located in the newer section of west 7th on the other side of university drive.

World of Beer Fort Worth, has a big name to live up to. I mean an entire world of beer. That’s a lot of beer. I have to say that they don’t disappoint. Their tap wall is incredibly diverse and if they don’t have what you want¬†directly on tap, they most likely have it in a bottle.

So many beers in fact that they felt it was necessary to have an iPad on the table to be the menu for all of their different options. With this you can find out what style of beer is available, what country the beer comes from, and various of facts about flavor. While this is incredibly impressive, I will warn you that the iPad menu can also be incredibly overwhelming. With that many options you can run into a problem like you would with Netflix. If you don’t go in with a plan then you end up spending an hour browsing their titles for a movie that lasts an hour and a half.

In addition to the sheer massive amounts of beer, World of Beer Fort Worth, also offers up a rotator of of options of beers that they are infusing with various flavors. The contraption that they have to do this also is quite the conversation piece when up at the bar. I have been to World of Beer Fort Worth many times and can say that while the infusions are interesting, its about a 50/50 shot whether they will be good. In the winter time, the infusions into a darker beer with vanilla or chocolate flavors tend to be my favorites.

In addition to beer, World of Beer Fort Worth also boasts an impressive kitchen. This kitchen can pump out some usual pub classics as well as some more sophisticated options that are delicious. If you go to have a beer here, I highly recommend that you give the kitchen a chance to win you over.

While there are a lot of things that World of Beer Fort Worth does right, the one disappoint I have experienced is server speed. Once the servers came over, they were very nice but I tend to always get to the point of wondering where they are. This is little blemish on an otherwise great pub.

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