The Local

As west 7th grows, I am happy to say new bars are understanding how great craft beers are. This is definitely true at one of the newest additions to west 7th, The Local.

This pub located at the corner of Foch St. and Bledsoe St. offers a very trendy atmosphere, as well as a large beer selection. When you walk into the bar, you are met with a wall of 25 craft beer taps, many of which are local Texas brews.
The inside of the bar looks like an industrial loft style hang out. Exposed brick with their logo painted on the wall give the bar a very modern appeal. This helps to keep people feeling comfortable at the bar. If that wasn’t enough, then there is also a complete outdoor bar area. Especially now that the weather is getting much more enjoyable, this area provides a great area to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of being outside.
While there is not a kitchen at The Local, there is usually a food truck parked across the street in front of Times Ten Cellars. This provides a nice and simple option is case you get a bad case of the munches while you are there.
Now to the most important part, the beer. Twenty five taps on the wall. All filled with great craft options. This doesn’t even include what varieties of beer are sold by the bottle. While there I drank two beers Devils Backbone and ¬†Rahr’s Bucking Bock.
If you haven’t given Devils Backbone a try, do yourself a favor and fix that. Despite such a rough name, this beer is remarkably easy to drink. It is a Belgium tripel that is made by the Real Ale brewing company with their own candied sugars. Overall a great beer. I love finding this one on tap.
The next is Rahr’s Bucking Bock. This seasonal from Fort Worth’s biggest brewery is always a good choice. This wheat lager has a lot of flavor and can pack a punch in terms of ABV %.
I want to warn you that while it is a very relaxed environment during for Happy Hour, this bar can become packed if you are looking for a late night brew. This is the only draw back to The Local. It can become rather packed on the weekends as the night goes on.
Overall, the Local was a very good bar with many options in terms of craft beers. So go give the Local a try!

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