Ommegang Three Philosophers

Ommegang Three Philosophers

Winter has come. Kind of. At least if this is the winter that John Snow is warning us about, he oversold it. January and its 72 degrees outside, the fur coat is a bit much house of Stark. AS you can tell, I cant wait for Game of Thrones to be back but this does have a point. Due to the warmer weather I decided to give the Christmas beers a break and turn to a quadrupel for a delicious and complex profile. Thus enters Ommegang Three Philosophers quadrupel ale.

The other weekend I went to the Gingerman with a couple buddies of mine because out of college its tougher to hang out when yall arent always around each other. The weather and the special occasion of the camaraderie really made me want a special beer. The Ommegang Three Philosophers is definitely a beer for special occasions. It can be a bit pricier, but trust me when I say dont let that scare you off. This beer is worth it. Plus it is a stronger beer so you will get a good bang for your buck.

Due to the complex malt profile of this beer it comes in a darker color. A semi transparent brown really shows the caramel and Munich malts that went into the beer. The combination of malts really combines nicely to give a great flavor to the beer that is sweet without being over the top (after maxing out on IPAs for the week, its good to get a change of pace).

The combination of malts along with the ever so secret Ommegang house yeast, a beautiful flavor is born that actually can bring a familiar flavor that can remind you of wine. If that doesn’t do it, the ABV will remind you of wine. Overall, the Ommegang Three Philosophers is a truly outstanding beer that needs to be saved for special occasions to truly appreciate its great flavor. Occasions like a college graduation, wedding, or I got a delicious beer from the store on this glorious Thursday night!

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