MOA Imperial Stout

A winemaker and a New Zealand Brewery walk into a bar. It was love at first sight. MOA Brewing Company was founded by Josh Scott, a renowned wine maker. He uses winemaking techniques such as barrel aging in pinot noir bottles and bottle fermentation. The result of this odd love affair between wine and beer created a love child: MOA Imperial Stout.

Bottled in a sexy champagne-esque bottle, this expensive craft beer will make you feel fancy just having it on the table. The prominent chocolate, roasted malt, and coffee tones make this a perfect dessert beer. Yes, you read that correct. A dessert beer. Balancing out the traditional Russian Imperial Stout flavors are hints of pinot noir accents. Go ahead and drool a little at the thought of that.

When poured, the MOA Imperial Stout boasts an impressive opaque black look with a brown head. Thumbs up for unique look, or thumbs down for the oil slick moustache you will get if you try to chug it. Side note, the price tag of a bottle of this bad boy will strongly dissuade you from doing anything but slowly savoring its deliciousness.

Another great selling point is the 10.2 ABV! You will not need a case of this to feel as light and bubbly as the head of your perfect pour. Go ahead and treat yourself (or a loved one) to the incredible experience of the MOA Imperial Stout. The fancy bottle, look, and probably the glass you are drinking from will make you feel like a genuine aristocrat. Pinky up!

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