The Bearded Lady – Utopia Dinner

the bearded lady

The Bearded Lady is hosting a dinner at the end of January which you can try multiple different kinds of beers including the very rare Sam Adams Utopias. Some of you may not know what the Utopia beers are. You have undoubtedly heard of Sam Adams from all of their commercials. They are probably the original craft brewery in America to really make it big. These Utopia beers are their elite line up.

These beers are truly a labor of love. While most beer is ready within a couple months of the first brewing date, these beers sit for up to 19 years. They take turns going from scotch barrels to whiskey barrels to port barrels in order to have all of the flavors be absorbed into the beer. This process of barrel aging has been experimented with by Sam Adams until they mastered the craft to bring you the Utopia.

Normally these beers are incredibly hard to find, which is why this dinner at The Bearded Lady is so great. At the dinner you will have three courses with a beer specially paired to each one, the last one being the Sam Adams Utopia.

Link to reserve your seat for this event below. Hurry spots are filling up fast!
The Bearded Lady – Utopia Dinner

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