Barcadia Fort Worth

After our exclusive preview interview with Brianna, we knew we wanted to hit up Barcadia Fort Worth for a pub review, and we had the chance to do so the day before their grand opening, which was last Friday, Oct 16.

We gotta start with this: the place is cool. When we were there for our interview, there were a few taps, a half-finished menu board, an empty patio, and equally-empty bar space. All that’s changed. Barcadia Fort Worth is now the proud home of…

  • A fantastic wrap-around patio with ample seating, giant Jenga, and giant Connect Four (and a giant fan too) – it’s right on West 7th, but tucked-away enough to be sheltered from the noise
  • A full indoor wall of authentic, old-school arcade games, at least two pinball machines, and one wall of skeeball – each of which cost the low “throwback” price of 25 cents, and are FREE on Tuesdays
  • Vintage, “classy-scandelous” calendar pin-up art
  • A great selection of music

Equally cool as the location is the beer selection:

  • 36 pulls – and the closest they come to standard domestic is Blue Moon and Dos XX. No Miller, Bud, or Coors in the place!
  • 80+ bottled beers (to be fair, your standards DO make an appearance here, but what do you expect?), and a couple ciders too
  • And the bartenders knew their stuff

Other than that, we covered a lot of the uniquenesses of Barcadia in our interview. So we’ll keep this post short, and encourage you to check out the pics (including the front and back beer menu, which they were kind enough to send our way for more.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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