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Poag Mahone is Gaelic for "Kiss my arse."  Since most of the population in Fort Worth is unfamiliar with the Gaelic language they did us a favor at Poag Mahone's Pub and displayed a bare-arsed leprechaun on the front window.  You've probably noticed it on your way to Super Target - it is kind of hard to miss. 

Poag's is located a block off West 7th around the corner from 7th Haven.  It was previously located about 100 feet away in the current location of the Shamrock Tavern. 

It is also the official bar of the Fort Worth Rugby Club.  I wasn't aware that we had a Rugby club in town.  Apparently they are decent too because the bar serves as a showcase for their trophies (there is a huge trophy behind the bar that is atleast 1.3 leprechauns tall).  Being the official bar of the Rugby Club does provide some street cred since it has been my experience that Rugby players take their pubs and their drinking seriously.  There didn't seem to be any of the Rugby players there when we were though. 

The outside of the bar isn't exactly very inviting - just a very basic looking brick building.  Once you get inside though it is a pretty traditional Irish Pub.  It is dimly lit with plenty of dark wood paneling and tables.  The decoration is a combination of Irish spirts/beer signs and rugby so it feels authentic. In my opinion Irish Pubs are disqualified when they are decorated with NFL or NBA teams.  There is a juke-box and while we were there it was a great playlist of Dave Matthews and other laid back music from the 90's.  For a Tuesday afternoon there was a decent crowd. 

The bartender was super-friendly.  She didn't know much about the beers on draft because she drank Guiness and Miller Light exclusively, but she let us taste a few options prior to us making our selection.  Their beer selection was decent - 16 on draft total and only 4 were domestic.  They also had great drink specials.  Ben and I each started off with a Left Hand Milk Stout for only $2 a pint. (Apparently milk stout isn't super popular in the summer so they were trying to sell the rest of the keg - didn't phase us though) 

They have darts (x2), billiards (x2) and golden tee (x2).  There are also several large TVs on the walls around the perimeter.  When we were there they were all on sportscenter and muted.  Out back they have a large patio with picnic tables - not much sun cover though so it was a little warm to be outside drinking a Guiness or stout.  We headed back inside where Ben beat me at darts again (I'm really not that bad). 

We were both pleasantly surprised with Poag's.  After all, you have driven by it before and probably had the same thoughts based on the lack of curb appeal.  We thought we were checking out a dive bar, but it was well-done inside and had decent beer selection with great drink specials.  It is a worth a visit.  Try it out and let us know what you think! 





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$0.50 of all pints, Rotating Drink Specials
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Left Hand Milk Stout, Kona Fire Rock