Lakewood The Temptress - Beer Review

Let me preface this post by saying that there are few things I love more than Fort Worth and beer, so obviously I am thrilled to be writing a review for this site. Now, with that being said, the beer I’ve chosen for my review today hails (ironically) from a local brewery out of Dallas – and I’ve got nothing but love for our friends from the other side of Cowboys AT&T Stadium.

The Brass Tap

So in Fort Worth, everyone knows that you can find great craft beer and lots of selections in downtown Fort Worth at The Flying Saucer. But now it looks like downtown Fort Worth will have some competition for Best Downtown Beer Pub.

American Craft Brew Week!

Great people of Fort Worth, this is a great week to be alive. Today marks the beginning of American Craft Brewing Week! Yes, all of your favorite beers have a week to celebrate their awesomeness. How should you celebrate American Craft Beer Week? Send a comment to your favorite breweries Facebook page. Go grab a cold six pack of your favorite brew. Go down to your favorite pub and grab a pint of your favorite brew. Ultimately you can see where I'm going with this. Get off the couch and go out and support your favorite craft brewer! 

Karbach Weisse Versa Wheat

I've graciously been added as a beer reviewer to Fort Worth Beer. Seeing as I'm currently living in Houston, I've decided to first review a beer from a Houston brewery that has been making some serious noise; Karbach Brewing Co.

The beer that I've chosen for this review is their Weisse Versa Wheat. They've taken a German HefeWeizen Yeast (known for tastes like clove, nutmeg, and banana) and combined it with spices that typically go into a German Wit beer (creating flavors like orange peel, coriander, and lemon).

Deep Ellum IPA

This beer from the Deep Ellum brewery is a beer worthy of the name. Before this review begins, I want to set expectations for how I like my beers. I have had my share of beers and can definitely appreciate a good IPA. That being said, I dont want to feel like a beer kicked my ass with bitterness. No on to the review!

This is an intersting beer as it is a craft a can. Not the normal, but I have to applaud Deep Ellum for being different and bringing a craft beer option to future summer activities like pool parties, lake days, or floating the river.

The Local

As west 7th grows, I am happy to say new bars are understanding how great craft beers are. This is definitely true at one of the newest additions to west 7th, The Local.

Brewing: Introduction to Brewing Your Own Beer

Published by Will Gaffney on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 23:06
Everyone loves beer. Why wouldn't you? It's delightful. Now that you feel you have sufficiently explored the realm of craft beers, where are you to go next? Home brewing of course!

Bar Louie

What would you expect from a 7th Street bar with a martini as their logo?

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